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Water, Paper, Metal
water on the acrylic pipes, paper, metal plates

By providing the conditions for a natural chemi- cal reaction to occur, I facilitated the creation of three rust prints. Water dripped through perpendicular plastic pipes from the ceiling onto paper-covered metal-plates on the floor. Over the course of several days, patterns began to form on the highly-absorbent shoji paper as the iron-plates began to rust. All stylistic and aesthetic decisions concerning the prints, such as use of colour and pattern design, were determined solely by the incidental process of organic interaction. Each print was generated over a period of two days. Following their successive completion, I exhibited the prints alongside the installation which created them. By merely composing the ideal setting for nature to take its course, I enabled the creation of a unique set of monoprints with- out manually influencing their genesis in any way whatsoever.
Installation view
Paper on the wooden plate, 100 cm×100 cm
Paper on the wooden plate, 15 cm×15 cm