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Odense Sculpture Project 09
Mixed media with documentations, Poster, Survey, Video, Sculpture

This project has carried out in the art residency program in Odense, Denmark to suggest making a monument for the main entrance for the Odense Art Academy, where one currently doesn't exist.


1. This project was based on the following proverbs:
He who builds to every man’s advice will have a crooked house.
Too many chefs in the kitchen would spoil food.

2. Odense is well-known as C.Anderesen's birthplace. Many monuments about his stories are erected in the center of the city. I had an exhibition in the project space in the building complex which holds the cafe, cinema, art academy, gallery and kunsthalle in this monuments area.

I did a survey of the people at the academy asking them what type of monument should be errected and from what material it should be made. I tried to gather each individuals ideas but, it was impossible to gather all possible viewpoints.

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I then implement a new strategy. Using modeling clay, I asked each individual, one after another to sculpt the clay into the desired monument. Eventually the entire monument started to take form, ultimately encompassing everyones view of the final project.