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Tautenhayngasse 22,
1150 Vienna, Austria

Born 1982 in Japan
Currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria

EMAIL: mail [at]
STUDIO: Tautenhayngasse 22, 1150 Vienna, Austria

My work employs subtle interventions in everyday phenomena to challenge the viewer to renegotiate her perceptions of her lived and mental environment. Through careful physical and cognitive repositioning of everyday objects in relation to seemingly disconnected natural phenomena, I aim to question our presumptions of "cause-and-effect" in our immediate surroundings. The result of my unconventional reconstruction of "reality" is a double-take in the mind of the beholder, inviting her to contemplate the wider implications of her own assumptions about the world we live in.

I am interested in examining our given perceptions of everyday life and the connections between different objects and phenomena in our surroundings. Instead of producing tangible, physical objects, I visualize and construct situations which catalyse unexpected ideas and novel ways of thinking. I merely create the conditions for a "reality check": the mind of the viewer does the real work, his imagination does the rest. Through the simple act of facing an electric fan in the direction of moving sunlight or shadow, I imply a cause-and-effect relationship which does not exist in reality. Or does it...? What is "reality" actually? Are our perceptions of reality accurate? Is everything as it appears to be? Or is what we perceive to be reality in fact just an illusion? We all think we "know better" than to believe that an electric fan can cause sunlight or shadow to move. But how much do we really know about the connections within the universe we inhabit?

The titles of my works play a key role in emphasising the interconnectedness between the subject of my investigation and the process of artistic creation itself. Though the interventions themselves may be temporary, the video documentations of my acts remain, creating a lasting reminder that all is not necessarily as it seems.